2015 – The Sunset Project

To make summer more interesting (and busy), I decided to embark on yet another adventure – The Sunset Project. I haven’t written much lately, and I’ll probably be too busy over the next two years to do anything for my own enjoyment, so this is most likely the last thing I do before a loooong hiatus.

The Sunset Project

I absolutely adore sunsets. It’s different every day and I never cease to be amazed by what the universe can pull off daily. I also like lists and order, so I’ve decided that I’m going to write 26 poems over the course of summer (which is about a poem every other day, because my summer isn’t that long) each with a title taken from an alphabetical list. (the first one, if there aren’t any delays, should be up tomorrow) It’s gonna be such a challenge. I know it. I’ll run out of ideas, I’ll run out of words and I’ll run out of energy. But if it ever becomes more like work than personal enjoyment, I’ll stop for a while (so you know what’s happening if it’s late. It’s either this, or I have no internet connection). Without further ado, here’s the list –

Not really something I wrote in summer, but I feel encompasses my summers perfectly.



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