17, now. – i miss winter

i miss cool and carefree days
now, more than ever
our sunken but starry eyes and
our air of invincibility
facing forward to our futures

we’re closer
now, more than ever
our glee and excitement may be undeniable
but i don’t like how sinking reality is,
how the heat clings onto my skin
stifling and unshakeable,
or how my heart twists,
uncomfortably unpleasant,
every time the realisation ‘it’s the last time we’ll ever…’ crosses my mind

winter may’ve been
stress and coffee and panic but
i’d live through it all again
if it meant we’d have more time together


Today was our last official day of school; my last regular school day as a secondary school student. My last day as a primary student didn’t do much for me, because I knew I’d be seeing majority of the grade in secondary anyway. But the feeling I have now… oof. Nothing really feels real yet, probably because I know we’ll be back during our study break and back to sit for our exams and back for graduation. Despite that, I’m still so thankful for the past 14 years at this school. I feel all weird and upset inside thinking we’ll never have classes together again, since everyone’s off to different places next year. I’m definitely going to miss poking fun at and with my friends in class, being so in tune with my friend that we can lipread and think of the same dumb jokes, and really, just… all the little moments we have in regular classes.

In short, I loved watching everyone grow up and growing up with everyone, and even though we had some awful moments, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thanks for the past 14 years, SIS!




under dying sunlight
and a canopy of sprinkled stars,
brisk winds nip benignly
at our heated skin,
warm steam still dancing off our arms,
flushed cheeks now cold to the touch

running across the crisp grass,
each breath of fresh air
sends electrifying jolts of energy
deep down to our bones

lethargy is long forgotten and
only euphoria and ecstasy remain

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wintry delights

freezing lips touch warm ceramic & the journey begins:
sweet, sultry notes
twinkle and tingle and mingle
dance lightly across my tongue
slipping easily down my throat

blaze a trail to
the core of my body
where happiness and warmth spread –

for a few seconds,
i hold liquid sunshine in me;
impervious, invincible, indestructible
despite the crispy cold air

winter wonderland

soft glow peeks over
shadowed mountains
a harmony of cool blues and warm yellows
welcomes faint rosy light

sunset paints:
white mountains hues of faded blue
their tops dipped salmon pink;
pale snow a gentle lilac;
and bare branches a soft white,
frosted tips waving hello
to trails of bright town lights glittering
tears on the ground
for something so beautiful
cannot last

summer dusks

sweltering heat simmers down  
as yet another day slips to night – 
streets bask in gold light 

a cool breeze breathes, life 
once again 
to the birds cooing away 
rhythmically calling 
to come, home 
wind sweeps a layer of dusk and dust 
over the quiet roads 
as yet another stagnant summer day 
comes to an end 


it’s the bleak weather
grey clouds gloomy and looming
the promise of cold rains and cold winds
whistling and whittling
the bare branches

it’s wrapped warmth
radiating from your soft husk
the blatant refusal and rejection 
of getting up to face
the smarting cold

it’s the essence
of sweetly hot drinks 
the heart-warming sips
traded for kisses on the mug
in your cupped hands

it’s the spirit
laced in the very thought
anticipation and excitement 
in the red noses and snow decor
and braving the cold 
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clock strikes twelve
chiming into lost ears
long left to slumber

months slipped by
like first loves
like friends who come and go
easy as the tick of a clock
natural as the ever-moving hands
that wave goodbye

moments captured in
those tears of joy sorrow anger regret
those everyday procedures that
only bore like the ever-knowing face
into the back of your head

slipping away
welcoming only cold empty sorrow
time and time and time again

a fresh start for the heavy heart

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