same stars, same skies, different eyes

I’ve changed since
these stars last shone over me
in a darker sky, under a colder breeze
I had a falsely full heart

it’s strange how the stars –
so distant, timeless, celestial –
kept me grounded all this while.
I can’t quite see them now
but I think it’s alright:
I have enough light in my life that
I don’t need them to lead the way anymore


we’re just hurtling through space; who knows what’s out there?

brisk wind blows and
settles on my cheek,
it’s oddly dark around
and there’s time to kill
so tipsy
I tilt my head back
and stare at the sky.

a steamy breath of warm air
I start to count the stars:
one here, over there, three
in a row

and I don’t feel so alone


A million silver stars 
on a ceiling of Silence and Solace 

you – 
humbled by thousands of tiny twinkles, 
winking and wishing away 
you – 
who constantly complicate complexity… 
nothing matters anymore 

Little lights shine 
carefree in a glittering galaxy 

* * *

  Existential crisis.