same stars, same skies, different eyes

I’ve changed since
these stars last shone over me
in a darker sky, under a colder breeze
I had a falsely full heart

it’s strange how the stars –
so distant, timeless, celestial –
kept me grounded all this while.
I can’t quite see them now
but I think it’s alright:
I have enough light in my life that
I don’t need them to lead the way anymore


we’re just hurtling through space; who knows what’s out there?

brisk wind blows and
settles on my cheek,
it’s oddly dark around
and there’s time to kill
so tipsy
I tilt my head back
and stare at the sky.

a steamy breath of warm air
I start to count the stars:
one here, over there, three
in a row

and I don’t feel so alone


nighttime, far away:
a sleepy fog
nips at silhouetted buildings
shadows of puzzle pieces
shrouded in mystery

glowing lights
stolen stars from the sky
simpers sweetly
dread to be swallowed up by misty misery
to be kept in the dark
and fade forgotten from society

after all
out of sight out of mind


silence ringing in your ears
your soul settling
into a noiseless tranquility
watchful eyes
soaking in the sky
melting mountains not unnoticed

a wave of calm
washes over you
as the sun sinks
beyond the mountains
taking its silky pink light

no winds howl today
no light blinds tonight
nothing disturbs the extensive calm

tranquil standstill 

looming clouds
draped over a frenzy city 

trapped in time 
a movie held on pause 

dignified, nonchalant 
literally looking down upon us 
unmoved by the winds
sighing in slight vexation
at our trivial worries 
of changing tides 
and the tick-tock clock

dignified, dangerous 
as if about to explode 
in a firework of raging rain and deafening thunder
just like your mother 
when a bad report card comes home

enjoy this tranquility 
the calm before the storm 
you know 
it won’t last forever 


Violet sky,
Streaks of magenta,
Clouds tinted coral.

Cornflower blue,
The silver cresent askew,
Floating, soft grey wisps.

A black backdrop,
Sparse, sparkling flecks of glitter,
Onyx shapes swimming by.

Quiet, still, desolate.
Complete absence of sound, life.
Time freezes. Am I all alone?

A dull, mundane grey
turns a soft periwinkle,
with cracks of scarlet flames.

Dawn peeks from under the horizon.
Reassured, I rest, because
Another day is waiting ahead.

  I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. This was supposed to be a story prompt, Lizette! A story prompt! And look what happened! Well, I hope you liked it. :) This is all so new to me. :O