it’s amazing how far someone can reach:
gently rippling across the pond, the straits, and the seas
across countries and beyond friends
to people they didn’t even know existed

and it’s amazing how quickly
ripples turn to tides
when the source stops –
a tsunami:
wave after wave of flooding and crashing
tears and turmoil and seemingly endless rain
ironically hurt and numb at the same time

there comes a day
when the storm will pass
and it will be calm again
though the absence of ripples
will always be missed


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words and I always end up turning to poetry. My heart hurts so much for you; you don’t deserve any of this with everything you have going on. I hope that you will be alright, and I’ll be right here if you need me.




delicate cracks on brittle bone bowls  
stained blood red and  
rotted black 
are nothing but crumbling 
  get up  
    get up 
      get up 
broken isn’t dead; 
fill the void 
with honeyed memories & caramelised dreams 
coat it with the golden pith of ikigai and 
get up and fight
stronger and prouder than before 

from everything to summer

it was cold last month: 
feathery rain light as snow, 
brown-edged petals littered on the ground and 
falling leaves fluttering in the dusk. 
snippets of seasonal weather 
delicately handpicked, ripe and teasingly sweet yet 
bitter with the taste of homesickness 

fast forward and 
all at once, it’s summer again 
glaring sunlight fades to a golden glow, 
sunshine slowly seeps through
broken cracks and 
turns perfume sweet to berry sweet. 
acrid longing becomes a fond nostalgia for home instead.

home is where the harbour is

colours bleed 
from the riverside and 
seep into clear waters 
under a night of sparse stars 
dyed lights trail a lazy finger around loose  
shapes of skyscrapers 
as they stand grand and proud 
over the fluorescent outline of the bay 
loud colours and screaming lights 
take my breath away 
to join the cool evening breeze

Have I ever mentioned that I love for city skylines at night? The colourful lights are so overwhelming and it makes me feel so at home, no matter where I am. :-) I was walking from the Esplanade to the Merlion and I was absolutely captivated the whole way.

Singapore has been spectacular and so good to me; I’ll really miss this place (and my friends here) when I leave. :^)


The City That Never Sleeps

The City that Never Sleeps


Here in the city that never sleeps,
the helpful lights are always aglow,
the shores always welcoming,
the traffic always rushing on the street.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the streetlights are always twinkling,
the waves always crashing,
the skyscrapers always bright.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the winds are always whistling,
the people always bustling,
the city always colourful.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the tunnels are always crammed with cars,
the streets always jammed with people,
the sky always occupied by thousands of planes.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the noise is intense and loud,
the houses are filled with voices of different ages,
the attractions buzzing with people.

Whether it’s day or night,
chaotic or tranquil,
breezy or lifeless,
you’ll definitely find your place,
here in the city that never sleeps.


Here in the city that never sleeps,
the lights are never fully turned off,
the noise never fully suppressed,
the liveliness never really gone.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the taxis zip past late at night,
the motors make that familiar, nostalgic sound,
interrupting the silence of the night.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the buildings dance at night,
joyous, carefree and lively,
to the song of bypassing vehicles.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the stars are always here to welcome you,
when you arrive in the hours of darkness,
they’ll always be smiling down on you.

Here in the city that never sleeps,
the trees are always awake,
swaying in harmony with the winds,
the pleasant, cooling winds.

So join the night party,
with the insomniacs,
the buildings, the lights,
the winds, the stars, the trees,
here in the city that never sleeps.

So how was the first post? Feedback please! I hope it’s all right… I wrote it more than a month ago and left it alone. I read through it just once, because I was too lazy to correct it. And from the poem, I think you might be able to guess where I live. I really do love the lights here. Anyway, leave a comment, okay? :D See y’all later! :)