i’m in love (with) today

there’s the strong smell of coffee and 
faint traces of you mingling 
in every breath i take – 
all-too-familiar and so sweetly homey – 
i’m missing you but 
i’m feeling whole and not holes  
in my heart 
everything is the right colour and 
with a rosy glow and one deep breath out later 
life is fine again. 


life will be good

crisp wind and fresh air
smells of infinite possibilities
under infinite blue

pantomime trees sway gently in the breeze

we hum our own tunes, melodies
blend into what becomes the songs of life

it only gets better from here


in the prickling pain peppered across your body
the tiny aches nagging the back of your mind
the utter exhaustion tugging the corners of your consciousness

you find:
a reminder; you’re still alive
a confirmation; you’re still fighting

above all, you find a reason: