17, now. – paradoxically timeless 

between the foreign lullabies and
the slowly setting sun,
nothing and everything
happens, happening, has happened,
all at once –

our laughter fades quick past
the lined skies and neat roads
clattered footsteps drifting into the cloudy night
all the screams and screeches
in our shared house are
only memories now

and as the whisper of soft silence rings
in the distant rush of the highway
the end of another dream looms:
I really wish we could stay
this way, forever


I jumped from my grad trip in Japan almost immediately to another, way shorter trip in Korea. The difference between the two countries and the company I’m with is drastic, and this is my last night so I can say this, both have been enjoyable in their own ways. I’ve never felt so at home and natural with the people I’ve been with and I’m so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

For real, both trips happened way too fast and was over before I even realised it. While two weeks have gone by, it really feels like nothing much has changed at all.



and I still love you, too; pt. 2

pt. 1

back again under  
tangled telephone lines 
sweet dusks and wide skies  
but in the quiet moments between  
loud laughter and 
the last burst of daylight’s colours 
just before nightfall – 
I wish you were here 

winter wonderland

soft glow peeks over
shadowed mountains
a harmony of cool blues and warm yellows
welcomes faint rosy light

sunset paints:
white mountains hues of faded blue
their tops dipped salmon pink;
pale snow a gentle lilac;
and bare branches a soft white,
frosted tips waving hello
to trails of bright town lights glittering
tears on the ground
for something so beautiful
cannot last

rural vs. urban

timeless city bustles 
all year round – 
karaoke and restaurants’ neons 
endlessly lighting up the night 

meanwhile I miss the 
elegant serenity and silence of forests 

blinking in the dark 
as the sounds lights up so colourfully, I 
can only 
kiss my sleep goodbye 

– * –

I’ve moved from Karuizawa to Ikebukuro! I’m staying at a hotel, which is a huge contrast to last night’s cozy little cabin. There is currently some jazzy piano music playing in the background. I’m so sick of it. I actually want to go back to the more rural area. I’m not cut out for this busy city life. :'(