17, now. – paradoxically timeless 

between the foreign lullabies and
the slowly setting sun,
nothing and everything
happens, happening, has happened,
all at once –

our laughter fades quick past
the lined skies and neat roads
clattered footsteps drifting into the cloudy night
all the screams and screeches
in our shared house are
only memories now

and as the whisper of soft silence rings
in the distant rush of the highway
the end of another dream looms:
I really wish we could stay
this way, forever


I jumped from my grad trip in Japan almost immediately to another, way shorter trip in Korea. The difference between the two countries and the company I’m with is drastic, and this is my last night so I can say this, both have been enjoyable in their own ways. I’ve never felt so at home and natural with the people I’ve been with and I’m so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

For real, both trips happened way too fast and was over before I even realised it. While two weeks have gone by, it really feels like nothing much has changed at all.



an appropriate response to Christmas traffic

We’re sailing, cruising, down 
dimly lit tarmac roads 
illuminated by blinking red 
tailights; nothing unusual, until 
we start lurching and inching and 
all of a sudden stopping. 
I think, thank god for the seatbelt that’s 
holding me back, though it doesn’t do much with 
the ticklish feeling in my stomach 
that shoots straight up to my shoulders. 
I shiver and shake it off, involuntarily 
shuddering as angry honks harmonise.  
Hey, let’s make some noise for Christmas, right?


under dying sunlight
and a canopy of sprinkled stars,
brisk winds nip benignly
at our heated skin,
warm steam still dancing off our arms,
flushed cheeks now cold to the touch

running across the crisp grass,
each breath of fresh air
sends electrifying jolts of energy
deep down to our bones

lethargy is long forgotten and
only euphoria and ecstasy remain

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until next year, at least

finally I can kiss goodbye to the
unpleasant, sinking feeling of too-little-sleep –
can’t even spell the month properly without a good
knight’s rest
summer’s here and it’s time to
catch up on sleeping and dreaming
hell, I don’t even care if I have daily
outings or clean my room
or, heaven forbid, do all my homework!, just as
long as I don’t have to wake up early
If you know me in real life, feel free to drop me a message (anywhere) for “the thrilling saga”. Just ask about it!

open roads

merciless red stops the cool winds and
heat settles like dust
sunshine glares with unusual force
as we wait
a hot embrace snakes itself
around our ankles, torsos, necks
sweat slithers down our temples
the air is stuffy and still

engines croak and purr and beg
for the light to turn green

– – –

  Kicking summer off a bit late with another project! Summer vacation brings summer vibes… conventionally, at least. The past few summers have consistently been travelling, then coming home and spending the rest of the break in front of my computer. Writing about summer vibes will probably get me more in the mood for “actual summer” after doing the required amount of homework for the day/week!

I’ve got around 6 weeks left to the start of the new school year. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze at least 3 poems every fortnight… :)


morning tides

a galaxy of broken shells, pebbles and
debris littered amongst pale sand
in a maze of bird tracks and paw prints
satin streams of glimmering water
flow silently back to the ocean
its froth-tipped waves muted
even as it splashes against the rocks

morning calm of
bleached blues and faded aquas
before rising tides reclaim the beach

champagne skies

champagne bottles pop
and spill and shimmer
and shoot for the sky
a shower of stars
trails of golden sparks
magic washes over the skyline
as bright colours burst
exploding silvers and golds
illuminate the night
in celebration of yesteryear

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