i’m in love (with) today

there’s the strong smell of coffee and 
faint traces of you mingling 
in every breath i take – 
all-too-familiar and so sweetly homey – 
i’m missing you but 
i’m feeling whole and not holes  
in my heart 
everything is the right colour and 
with a rosy glow and one deep breath out later 
life is fine again. 


the missing piece (peace)

in the midst of hectic, chaotic –
ah, life –
swinging up and down
from ground to sky and in between
quiet around it’s
as if I’m finally alone

I don’t mourn what is lost;
it returns
when it does, when it wills;
it’s in pieces,
peace is
lovely to have once again

petrichor & ambrosia

drops of nectar
bleed from the horizon
where dawn touches the day;
honey gold sun
pierces through the sky;
the smell of fresh-cut grass
early mornings, flowers and dew
and dark nights and new lights –
quiescent solace –
is sweetly clean and crisp

saccharine lingers in the air.