and I still love you, too; pt. 2

pt. 1

back again under  
tangled telephone lines 
sweet dusks and wide skies  
but in the quiet moments between  
loud laughter and 
the last burst of daylight’s colours 
just before nightfall – 
I wish you were here 


twilight thoughts

times like these when the
night is closing in on a fast
fading sunset
my words are broken and so is my heart
the light has faded and in my eyes too:
shrouded in shadows far
from glimmering lights that only
taunt unspoken desires
to travel under coloured skies
chimes of laughter and subtle love
i just want (to get)

summer dusks

sweltering heat simmers down  
as yet another day slips to night – 
streets bask in gold light 

a cool breeze breathes, life 
once again 
to the birds cooing away 
rhythmically calling 
to come, home 
wind sweeps a layer of dusk and dust 
over the quiet roads 
as yet another stagnant summer day 
comes to an end 


a ball of pure energy –
a will to live on
burns bright in our eyes
desperately pushing on
sinking steadily
between mountains
of obstacles and hurdles

into millions of lights
scattered sporadically
both sky and city

streams of consciousness
wandering off in wisps of colours
recollected at the end of the night

sheer determination
pulls it through dawn
and once again
it goes on


little lollipop lights
shine eagerly
under tinted horizons

blots of bright
magentas and roses and fuchsias
blossom in the sky
spread happiness happily
in a weave of cloud and sky

a paintbrush soaked in sunshine
really works wonders on blue fabric

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at the end of the spectrum
at the end of the day
an intoxicating aura
seeps into the sky

violet clouds linger
before a rosy flame
an allure that draws you
to the infinite depths
of colour and cloud
to love the abyss
and the lights that twinkle beneath
to live another day
for another dusk