personal favourites

Am I narcissistic if I have a list of my favourite poems that I wrote…? In no particular order (it’s reverse chronological right now but it’ll change as I write more):

  • ♥︎
    • this is actually really funny because even though I wrote this 3 years ago, I can’t say my views have changed
  •  fleeting moments
    • the last bit was the main reason I wrote the whole thing; I really wanted to capture the feeling of looking into your eyes then glancing away quickly, embarrassed
  • memories
    • I love you so much, I miss those days, I’m really grateful despite everything
  • expanse
    • I was so happy to be writing this – I soaked up a good dose of 360º sunset and I was so overwhelmed and so, so happy
  • wane
    • this was pretty neutral, in a good way; it wasn’t exactly the writing experience that I enjoyed, it was more of the finished product along with the view outside
  • fragments
    • one of the more poetic poems I’ve written; a journey of how I learnt to move on and focus on myself, and something less volatile
  • and i still love you, too
    • I enjoyed writing it and I really like how it turned out; the title said everything I wanted to tell you but couldn’t
  • bittersweet
    • I meant to write it earlier but found it too shallow, until an incident happened and suddenly it made a lot of sense
  • until next year, at least
    • these kind of poems (the message is in the first letter of each line) get me every time…
  • asymmetrical
    • this was sitting in my drafts for such a long time; I guess it’s a small victory for me because I can see myself maturing through this