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I thought it’d be cool to show you the fonts I had on my Word! And it’d also be cool to put up a photo post. Photo haiku. (Yay!) (Also, do you find yourself able to relate to it? I didn’t mean to make it sad, but it’s pretty much how everything I write turns out. :( )

(Is this enough of an apology for not posting for so long HAHAHA I just feel that I’ve let people down. Also I’d like to announce I’m a lot happier now, and my friends (yes I have friends) said that my mood’s a lot better!)



Ice Cream by the Sea

Here’s one of today’s random haikus:

Ice cream by the sea
Creamy, milky vanilla
With a hint of salt

  I had to walk to someplace to get tickets to an amusement park and decided to get ice cream from McDonalds (because that ice cream tastes amazing). I didn’t really notice how bad my cough was, but it became significantly worse after I ate it. I shouldn’t have, but the temptation was so great, I couldn’t resist. ; _ ;

Let’s hope my phlegm clears up and my cough gets better. :/


Icy flakes of white
Drift from the infinite sky
Kiss my auburn hair

  Random haiku that I had inspiration for last night. By that I mean I was halfway to dreamland when my brain wrote this haiku and I was forced to remember it. I didn’t post for about a week so I’ll put up another short post later! (By that I mean later. Like, right after this post.)

  (The last sentence reminds me of ‘kiss my ass’ or something. Hehehehe.)

  (Hey, finally, a piece to do with the title of this blog! A snowflake! :D)


Ice Cream?

Here’s a short poem I worked hard to write out. :) All the rhyming words were hard to think of. :/

“I’m gonna go get ice cream,”
she said, walking off to the shop.
What ice cream?
A cone? A scoop? A fruit pop?

What kind?
Sundae? Sorbet? Gelato?
What flavour?
Lemon? Raspberry? Pistachio?

What colour?
Chartreuse? Cornflower? Lavender?
What toppings?
Sprinkles? Syrup? A wafer?

Why was that so abrupt?
Does she think I hate her?
Will she get anything for me?
Well, I’ll probably find out later.



Violet sky,
Streaks of magenta,
Clouds tinted coral.

Cornflower blue,
The silver cresent askew,
Floating, soft grey wisps.

A black backdrop,
Sparse, sparkling flecks of glitter,
Onyx shapes swimming by.

Quiet, still, desolate.
Complete absence of sound, life.
Time freezes. Am I all alone?

A dull, mundane grey
turns a soft periwinkle,
with cracks of scarlet flames.

Dawn peeks from under the horizon.
Reassured, I rest, because
Another day is waiting ahead.

  I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. This was supposed to be a story prompt, Lizette! A story prompt! And look what happened! Well, I hope you liked it. :) This is all so new to me. :O


The Sky’s Your Limit

I’m sick of people misusing this phrase. The internet is full of stupid people who use this phrase and misinterpret it. Like, just Google it before you actually use it. How hard is that?! Save yourself some scolding and gain some insight, just freaking Google it.

I’ve seen a lot of people use it wrongly. Once, on 9gag, this guy made this post saying he wanted to be an astronomer when he was in kindergarten, and the teacher said, ‘The sky’s your limit.”, and he was sad. Well, I applaud your teacher for telling you that, because obviously s/he knows how to use it and you’re just a dumbass who never bothered to search for what it means and assumed you were right. Anyway, isn’t the sky infinite? So doesn’t it actually mean there is no limit?! I’m sorry, but how much dumber can people get?! Why were they even given the chance to live?!? (I probably don’t mean it, but this is just to emphasise how much I hate people who do that.) Maybe it’s just me, because I know how to use this and it just pisses me off to see people using it without knowing the meaning. I try to avoid using words I don’t know, and I’ll only use it confidently after I’m sure I’ve gotten hang of the meaning. (Unlike some people I know.) I hope I don’t catch myself using words I don’t know and end up embarrassing myself.

I also found another perfect example. Well, I don’t know how you’ll interpret it. Okay. Justin Bieber’s song, As Long As You Love Me. Yes, I listened to it. Go to the rap bit: “Used to tell me, “Sky’s the limit”, now the sky’s our point of viewHere, I get the impression that he thinks the sky is literally the highest thing you can aim for, and he’s reached that. So I’m like, what. I think he used it incorrectly. I’m not sure, though. I just think.

Now, I’d like to explain to everyone what this phrase- yeah, the same phrase that got me into a flying rage about how people use it incorrectly. You know, the title of the post?- actually means. It means there is no limit. Cause the sky isn’t this huge chunk of physical thing you can touch and block your way. At least, I think so, according to the knowledge of science I have. So yes, the sky isn’t this physical thing that can block you, it’s infinite, so technically the phrase ‘the sky’s your limit’ means there is no limit. According to some website, it’s “There is no apparent limit”. Close enough, yeah?

But who even came up with this easily misunderstood phrase?!


Storing Names Like Nuts

I have Twitter. Two accounts, one for the public, stupid, crazy, random tweets, and the other for more emotional, funny, private thoughts. On the latter one, I started writing down (with the hashtag) you-know-you’re-a-writer-when. Here are a few (coughtheonlyonesIactuallyhavecough) of them!

– You know you’re a writer when you want people to read what you write and compliment you, but when they do, you’re embarrassed

– You know you’re a writer when you read a beautiful book and think you can never write a story as good as that

– You know you’re a writer when you have mini debates with yourself over how the story should go and what should happen next

– You know you’re a writer when you have mini dilemmas over choosing a perfect name for your character

Let’s touch up on the last one, shall we? :) (Refer to the title!) Recently, I started using a spreadsheet to record down the title, date written, genre, type (for only me to know and you to wonder about), tense, and names. When I actually got down to writing, I suddenly realised I had to find a perfect name for the character, but alas, I couldn’t. (I also couldn’t repeat a name I had already used before, because it’s more fun that way) So I started taking notice of peoples’ names. I tried to avoid using the names of people I knew, so when I finally published the story (big dream, I know. Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. – W. Clement Stone.), I wouldn’t be badgered by them saying ‘Why the hell did you use my name? Do you really think of me like that? I’m so honoured! Do you like me or something?’

Which lead to me thinking I should ‘store’ names in my mind like squirrels store nuts! (I recently started asking random people if they liked nuts, e.g, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts… This is all the nuts I can list right now. I don’t really know nuts because I don’t like eating them that much. Oh, and almonds! So if the person said yes, I’d go like, ‘You’re a wall.’ (Walnuts, get it?) or ‘You’re a pea.’ or ‘You’re a hazel.’. They don’t make sense, but hey, life doesn’t make sense.

If life is so illogical, why do we need logic? Think about it. :)