17, now. – nameless feelings

i know what to do
when my mind wanders to people and places
when longing fills my veins and the
lust filled rust filled knife plunges deep into my heart:
Just see them again

but what do you do when you start to
miss memories,
and how you will never experience them again?
this bittersweet cocktail of desire and nostalgia
spiked with something else
what is this feeling called?

Uni is quickly approaching and I’m getting more frequent bouts of this kind of feeling, whenever I reminisce the road trips my family would take every summer with my aunt and uncle (among other things). I took those trips for granted; I didn’t know any better. Only now that they have grandkids and I feel like my life is about to diverge off to a completely different path do I realise how precious this time was. :(



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