don’t paint me with a single stroke of a brush –
i may be insignificant in the divine plan of the universe,
but just one dot in a drawing?
i am more than that.

and don’t reduce me to the few
recycled adjectives that work in shifts, printed
neatly on my report cards,
because i am more than that;
more than the words i write and
my hobbies and
all the weird hand gestures i make.

i am the feeling you get when you’re around me and
the memories you make when you’re with me and
the thinkings and habits you’ve picked up from me.
i am an individual,
distinctly different from you and you and you and
unique and ordinary all at the same time.

so don’t just put me down in your mind as ‘that _____ girl’,
and don’t diminish me to a one-dimensional description,
because i am so much more than that.


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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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