blankets wholly covering my body 
with the windows tossed wide open 
marks the start of fall 

I find myself in bed more often 
(this year, 
while the temperature and leaves dropped, 
so did my energy and motivation) 

with cool breezes and cold sunshine 
settling on my face 
I nestle deeper in the warmth 
hoping to nurture whatever motivation left 
after all, everything’s better after a nap, right? 


While it is true I’ve been napping more (because I can), it’s definitely Not True that 1, I like the warmth (personally I’m so excited for winter!!) and 2, I use ‘fall’ (I use ‘Autumn’ all the time but I needed this to make the pun.). But for real, lately I’ve been going to bed at 9-10PM and hoping I’ll be more motivated when morning comes. (Spoiler alert: I’m not.)


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