New Leaf

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything personal and not poetry on this blog. I’ve always been really indecisive so I have more blogs than I know what to do with them. I write more freely over at blueberry blaze, and recount on childhood experiences at scents of nostalgia, although it’s still very much work in progress.

With the last year of IB looming over me, and a summer of harsh reality kicking in, which in my opinion, I took really well, so I can’t say it was all that harsh… Anyway, I thought I should clean my slate again, and start over fresh. After all, new year, new me. Consider this as the moment I stepped out from hiding and becoming less concerned with anyone’s opinions of me.

My name is Chloe; Elizabeth is my middle/ Catholic name, although I don’t consider myself religious at this point anymore. My username (ethyzael) is something I threw together because I really like the sound it makes and the feel it gives off. I used to be lizettepoppins and maybe I was whitewashed and believed that I’d fit in better with a not-really-Asian name. (I really liked Mary Poppins, and Lizette is a variation, of sorts, of Elizabeth.) I actually had matching usernames, of sorts, with Sarah at Our Sun Shines, who was the first person I started writing with, but I guess we’ve both grown out of that phase. It was a wild ride and I’m thankful that we got to share that time together.

So, back then – November 2012 – I was freshly single and immersed myself deep in writing. Ever since, I’ve been hooked to creating pieces out of seemingly nothing, intrigued with the rearrangement of the 26 alphabets and wordplay and poetry structure. It’s not something I’ll pursue as a career, because my writing energy comes in spurts and I don’t think I could force myself to do this daily.

I know it’s been almost four years I’ve been writing, and I’ve written a whole lot and sort of interacted with some readers, but reintroductions… so…. Hi, I’m Chloe, thank you for reading everything I’ve written up to now, and I really look forward to being able to fully channel the inner chlor on this blog. :-)


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