a little appre-sea-tion

flecks of creamy yellow glint in
rough brushstrokes of aqua and ocean
last light fades and the water slips
black to a mirrored darkness
tints of murky seaweed green
hints of roguish trouble gleams


in the morning it turns
a shallow blue, satin smooth but
icy cold that i’d gladly let
swallow me whole

  Typhoon’s just passed (kind of) and it’s been quiet on the waters since it’s not safe to travel yet. As a result (of the clouds as well) it’s pale and empty outside, which for some reason was very reminiscent of… dipping into cold water during hot weather, when you freezes up for a second before the chill takes over your body. No idea how I got to that.

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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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