open roads

merciless red stops the cool winds and
heat settles like dust
sunshine glares with unusual force
as we wait
a hot embrace snakes itself
around our ankles, torsos, necks
sweat slithers down our temples
the air is stuffy and still

engines croak and purr and beg
for the light to turn green

– – –

  Kicking summer off a bit late with another project! Summer vacation brings summer vibes… conventionally, at least. The past few summers have consistently been travelling, then coming home and spending the rest of the break in front of my computer. Writing about summer vibes will probably get me more in the mood for “actual summer” after doing the required amount of homework for the day/week!

I’ve got around 6 weeks left to the start of the new school year. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze at least 3 poems every fortnight… :)



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