my love 
it shines golden as the 
sleek coat of your fur 
it stretches from tip to toe 
and runs through your spots 
of black patches and brown dots 
just like you haphazardly 
bounding through the field 
in a great game of connect-the-dots 
my love 
it transcends and shifts from one 
form to another – 
a retriever or pug or shibe – 
it is infinite and unconditional and 
unchanged by time and space 
my love 
will exist even when I am a broken soul 
and even when I am nothing 
but ash and bones 

– * –

I love dogs, especially doges. If you have a dog, please pat it for me. I love him/her already.



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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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