bus stop

I used to glance out the window
on the bus ride home
always pleasantly surprised when I saw you
standing there in your unrealised perfection
waiting idly for your bus ride home
as you brought a small smile to my face

Sometimes you’d see me
sitting on the lower deck of the bus
and wave
but most of the time I was invisible
at least, during the infrequent times
we passed by each other

Over time it became a habit
to instinctively look across the roads
to find you standing in the crowd
unguarded and natural and all by yourself –
a precious side of you I don’t see often

And even now when I’m alone
thoughts of you come up occasionally,
my eyes wander subconsciously
searching for your familiar face.
And even though I’ve found you,
I haven’t really –
you’ve been replaced
by a stranger at the bus stop.

I swear, this will be the last one.

It’s just a (not so) short tribute to all the great times I had walking down to the bus stop with you. We live in completely opposite directions, so the short walk down was the only quality time we could spend together without it eating a lot into our time after school. I feel like it’s the most unique feature of our relationship and this is a key aspect of why it was our relationship, you feel? I’m really grateful for everything that’s happened in the past few years and hey, I think you’ll be happy that I’m finally finding closure. (It’s mostly because I can’t find you in you anymore.) Thank you so much for all the good times and all the growing up I did with you. (In other news, hi, J, if you’re reading this.)



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