As you may or may not know, school started for me today. It’s nothing much, just a three day orientation before lessons start officially, next week. Which obviously tied up the end of my summer… thing: The Sunset Project. I thought I should add in some closing words before I move on. (The following titles are all linked so you can check it out by clicking it!)

Personal favourites:

horizon – I loved describing colours at different times.

obnoxious – I guess I liked more of the scene than the poem itself. It was a new perspective because I was in the swimming pool surrounded by glittering water, instead of watching from somewhere dry without reflections.

temporary – I liked how the poem turned out. When I had the word in mind, I didn’t picture it as that poem.

Had the most fun writing:

expanse – The sheer extensive spaciousness of it all was hard to describe. I don’t think i managed to do it that well, either.

wane – I managed to write it while the whole thing was going on. I basically had birds chirping around me and the sky turn navy blue the whole time. It was a great experience.

Stuff featuring my friends:

memories – S ; novelty – J ; young – B

A bit harder to write:

bleached – I had no idea how I was going to go about with this, making it sound good.

storm – How do I tie this in with a sunset? The cloud looked like an ominous storm but that was it.

Some words I changed while doing the project (no links):

change to calm, maybe to memories, orange to obnoxious, streaks to storm, touch to temporary, undefined to usual, vanilla to violet

Admittedly, some of those poems were just things I felt around dusk. I got lazy. I suppose a good majority were just descriptions of how colours actually looked (I love colours) and only a selected few focused on feelings. The ones which focused less on the sunset itself meant more to me than the ones that just described fading colour and whatnot.

I had a schedule of alternate days. I didn’t stick well. A free day in between gave me the freedom to slack off. It would have been even worse if I had just forced myself to push on every single day. I would have been so late with completing the whole project. I don’t have much of a choice but to say I think it worked out pretty well. Honestly I’m pleased with how it worked out.

So yeah, if you’ve read up till here, thanks for indulging in my words! Thanks so much for continuously reading whatever I’ve written. :)



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