greeted by watercolour paints
blended across the sky
smooth violets and oranges
and cotton candy pink
sing a soft symphony
harmonious and almost holy

cloud shaped cuts
printed in odd places
taking their usual seats
mingling happily anyway

back to days of
artificial wind lacing through
my hair as I
watch the faint glow –
still too subtle still too faded
but all the more familiar
and all the more welcoming

I’m back home! (I have been since yesterday but I was exhausted so I didn’t write anything.) I’ve had a very productive day of cleaning up and settling down and kicking back into my usual rhythm. I didn’t get any pictures of yesterday’s sunset (what a loss) because I was caught in a cab the whole way. :(

I’m now down to 10 more poems, as I slowly count the days till school reopens. I’ve had so much fun, and I hope it will continue to be the same! :)



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