flashbacks of a casual stroll
under the dying sun
shadows stretched far beyond our feet
still naïve and innocent

memories of brown hair
under the glimmering sunshine
entwined hands and
pure unadulterated happiness

snapshots of a golden era
slowly archived into an album
ready to collect dust

nostalgia overwhelms
filling both sky and soul
regret sinks in slow
like the setting sun

light is slipping away
with it our time and our chances
but what we had and what we were
forever preserved as memories

If you’re reading this: I’m sorry for everything. I never said goodbye or closed anything officially. It feels like I just left things hanging and stuff. Again, like a frayed rope. Oh man I’m gonna miss you. My life kinda crumbled before my eyes when I found out you were leaving yesterday. Probably because I found out so late and it was so sudden. Anyway, all the best, I love you, and you’ll always be my #1 pear!



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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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