blessed is my soul
graced with the presence
of a thousand colours
a thousand butterflies
waiting to burst from inside

fluttering joy
with every stroke of the paintbrush
from orange to pink
then pink to purple
against the gleaming blue canvas

as the sacred sunlight
brushes my eyes
every atom in my body
is drunk off the anticipation
of day sinking into night

my heart is content
my mind is eased
and I am thankful to be alive

Welcome to the very first installation of… this thing! As you can see, I picked a letter to write (obviously aftermath would have been a little depressing to write for the first one. it’s just the beginning, and it’s already the end?) :-) The master list should be up here and remember to come back on Wednesday for (hopefully) the next one!



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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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