ironic compound

i’m one who’s too lazy for her own good
but wishes for an adventure
if i could get around to it

i’m one who sits around and does nothing
while the thought of something greater
itches and nags at the back of my mind

i’m one who despises sweat and exercise and moving around
but wants to run fast and be fit
and when i do get around to it
it’s ironic how i don’t stop

with every second my legs push through
my arms swing with building determination
the water in my blood
puffs out as vapour in my breath
the sodium in my body
comes out as sodium chloride
drip drip trip 

and i fall
but not back to old hypocritical habits
not entirely

because it’s always going to be ironic
how i’m a self-proclaimed amateur poet
(you’d think i’d be good with words)
but i’m still failing and flailing
unable to express myself eloquently

guess i’ll just always be
an ironic compound 

I’ve officially kick started summer! By combining three things that I’m almost in love with – poetry, chemisty and puns (or just general wordplay) – (and having just came back from a first run in ages) I’m beginning to feel like I can achieve something within the next two months. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing, even while busy enjoying myself. B)

Also, don’t forget to come back on… Sunday? because I’m planning something special and close to my heart! :) (If I get around to it)



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