sick sensations

hollow silence ringing in my ears
words trapped in a black void
sounds stuck in an abyss
muffled by a wispy net

burning throat
a dry fire rising slowly
cold air does not quench thirst
only fuels the hot flames
and i can almost taste the rust

where is the comfort in cool air?
the peace and tranquility of
air swirling in your nose
rushing through your body
when it didn’t scratch your throat
simply reduced to sniffling and snivelling
just to get by the days

where is the comfort of food?
everything is bland and tasteless
except the pepper in my throat
saviour of the cold and sweet
becomes a pitiful wash of milk
heartily heartwarming soup
nothing but a burning sensation

I reminisce groggily
suddenly grateful for the times
I could breathe with ease
not laboured with soft wheezes
when I could move easily
but I can only remember
being weighed down by pills

Being sick once a year really takes its toll on you. But I’m not the one who has it the worst – there are many other people who are bedridden because of illnesses, and as bad as it sounds, I’m really grateful that it’s not me. :/

Ah, I hope that makes sense.



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