it’s the bleak weather
grey clouds gloomy and looming
the promise of cold rains and cold winds
whistling and whittling
the bare branches

it’s wrapped warmth
radiating from your soft husk
the blatant refusal and rejection 
of getting up to face
the smarting cold

it’s the essence
of sweetly hot drinks 
the heart-warming sips
traded for kisses on the mug
in your cupped hands

it’s the spirit
laced in the very thought
anticipation and excitement 
in the red noses and snow decor
and braving the cold 

Yes, I get I may be a little late on the whole winter trend. February tends to spring, but the weather is still fluctuating and it’s slightly cold here.
I also get that I may have been a little irresponsible by not blogging for one? two? months. :/ Deepest apologises. I’m probably the most upset because I feel like I haven’t accomplishment much in the time I spent not writing.
The good news is, it’s the holidays soon, and I’ve heard rumours of having less homework over this break! ;)


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