twenty nine

twenty nine
an odd number
sweet taste of nostalgia
and embarrassing first love
sepia memories of
black and white romance
slowly died down to

another odd
I guess we always were
brings overwhelming wave of familiarity
kindness of second chance
comforting warmth and skin and
closeness of two singles
mismatched yet perfect together 
which made

of us
it was my favourite number too
until I realised the dwindling countdown
the rhythmic tick tock of
time and love running out
eventually leading me to 

alone and lonely and single
abandoned and left in the dust
of what once was
weak and vulnerable yet standing still
in the ashes of flame 
once strong

i’ve realised 
love is an infinite game
played with different digits 
in each new cycle

Love is a game, composed of different numbers that may reflect feeling, anniversary, or number of people. :) ;)


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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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