clean slate

a pinch and a punch for first of the month—

dirt and grime and dust
resentment and hatred and lust
drawn off by water
washed off by waves
scar-less, scab-less 
cleansed and clean and anew
healed and soothed and free

new month old light
new year old plights
same fate,
but clean slate

I went to the beach with my friends today and had a pretty good time, save spontaneously bursting into flames any moment on the sand. Sitting idly in the sea and being pulled and pushed softly by the cool water, feeling free due to the lack of emotional commitment, was the nicest feelings I’ve had in a while.
With my birthday coming up tomorrow, I thought I’d say goodbye to everything from the past few years, especially the feelings of rejection and despair. So there, all my last words about… that there in poem form, because what better way to express yourself than in poetry? ;)
In other news, I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life! Who am I kidding, though, it’ll probably be the same stuff from last year, just taken up a notch. Still, I’m pretty excited. I’m looking forward to the candles and cake and stuff. :b


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