Maybe we all should learn something from a necklace:
– be there to further congratulate and applaud your friend when they are shining, just as a necklace further compliments a beautiful gown.
– necklaces aren’t made for frequent everyday use, but even so, they can try to endure it. be there to support (and maybe suffer!) for your friends, because they are worht it.
– be there to brighten up your friend’s day, just as a necklace would brighten up a common outfit and give it a special shine.
– most importantly, don’t be afraid to take a break, be it temporary or permanent, from your friends or “friends”. like necklaces, we may fall into pieces if treated unwell. but unlike necklaces, we have our own will and can unclasp, unfriend someone before they hurt us too much. (‘we get a say in who hurts us’ does hold a grain of truth) even if you break into fragments, you have the ability to heal yourself.


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