Small Stone 01-07-14


firefly lights
point out
streets and homes
little fireballs
cars and traffic signs
as the golden glow
into the evening sky

Ahhh hi guys! I’m in Australia again, my second time here after the first visit in 2012. :) The weather is extremely fine, much like the scenery, and the people here. I find it awkward because I really have no idea how to be proactively polite and friendly.
I really like how the people I’ve met use ‘honey’, ‘hun’, ‘dear’ and ‘darling’ interchangeably. It’s so endearing and I kept gushing over it.
I landed a week ago and started writing something every day to keep up the habit to last throughout summer, and hopefully the year. I realised I haven’t posted anything in a while so here’s my favourite small stone so far, with an accompanying picture if my poem is too crap to make you visualise anything. :)


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