How do you stand there, just blinking?
Blinking blankly at the world, as time flies by.
Aren’t you tired of life?
All you do is stare, contemplate, and stare longer.
Do you ever complain?
You can’t move anywhere; you’re stuck for eternity.
Don’t you feel bored, upset or lost?
You’ve had so much time to think about issues.
Do you ever feel helpless?
Having seen so many flowers wither, unable to do anything.
Why don’t you try moving?
I bet you could; you could pick yourself up, and go.
Wouldn’t you like that?
You’d be free, and have control over your life.



I think, as humans, we have absolutely no clue what we’re doing. Why are we living? What are we living for? I don’t have anything specific to live for. Why haven’t I killed myself yet? What am I doing with life?

However, inanimate object have an actual, specific purpose. They help us live. Some, more conveniently with everyday life. Others, they are the essentials that we need. Like that lamp post, or traffic light. They were made for a specific purpose. (Maybe, if I think about it now, I was made to bring joy to my parents’ lives…? But right now, I guess I’m bringing joy to more people, e.g. my friends. I guess.) What were we humans made for?

If a lamp post could walk, what would it do? What would it feel? Would it prefer its old life, to a new one where they basically worked until death?

I’m not really sure where this is going, haha. I just thought that I’d share my views on a blinking lamp post, who has seen at least three decades, watching everything around itself change.

  In other news, I think the poem analysis we’re doing in class is really helping me write.



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