Adventures of an All-Nighter

I watched the pitch black sky
turn a soft dark blue at the base
Watched the tree leaves giggled
tickled by the warm breeze
I watched the sky turn light
greens and blues caught in between
Watched the clouds tinted orange
float past slowly
I watched the sky repaint itself
over and over and over again
Watched the stars disappear
sadly, slowly, unwanted
I watched the sky fade to white
traces of blue lessening
Watched the dark veil of the city
slowly lift itself up
I watched the clouds clear from the sky
leaving swirls of light pink and orang
Watched the night gradually die
to give way to another day

As I said, I stayed up all night and it was really pretty because everything was just dark and quiet outside. Finally, my friends and I made it to the morning and suddenly felt awake as soon as we saw the light. – Pauses dramatically – I have got to stay up more.

Here, enjoy this gif I made of what I recorded this morning. Excuse the quality, I know it’s bad. :(





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