Small Stone 19-07-13

mornings to myself

mornings to myself
is waking up at five thirty
is looking at the world without filters
is staring at the clouds floating by
is watching the sky gradually turn light
is listening the birds chirp
is hearing the first tram go
is noticing the lack of vehicles
is inhaling the humid scent of home
is appreciating how much I love life

… I never use punctuation in my poems anymore. (Also, I’m not quite sure about the grammar. ‘Is’ or ‘are’?)

Here’s the first poem since I’ve been back from Dubai and South Africa! I think I’m still jetlagged, because I’ve only been able to sleep four hours, tossing and turning in bed until I decided to get up and be productive.

It’s mornings like these that I truly love life, and have absolutely no hate in my heart. I like mornings. At least, until it gets light. I personally prefer night over day, probably because I’ve gotten sick of daylight. When the sun comes up, though, the magic of an early morning shatters and it becomes a normal day. Working, studying, doing usual people stuff.

Mornings are beautiful. Life is beautiful.



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