Small Stone 12-07-13

Bungee Jump

free fall, bungee jump
dropped down like a stone
fell fast, fell quickly
everything slowed down
reached out, touch the ground
only grabbed cold air
feet up, head turned round
no control at all
arms flailed, legs kicked hard
awful helplessness
fell slow, long way down
never hit a thing
nervous, quick pulses
whole time falling down
bounced up, sprang, flew up
fell a few more times
silence, all alone
looking at the ground
hanging, dangling
swinging all around
zip sounds, man appears
make our way back up
unhook, unfasten
big smile on my face
congrats all around

Hi guys! Yesterday, I went bungee jumping for the first time in my life, over at Tsitsikamma in South Africa, and I only have one word to describe the experience— it was incredible.
The whole time I fell, I was thinking about why I hadn’t hit anything yet. I wasn’t afraid I was going to die — they reassured me that I was the safest girl alive — so I didn’t have any deep thoughts or revelations or sudden realisations like, ‘Hey, I think I love my friend. Damn, I should’ve told him!’ I didn’t even scream, unlike what others thought. Ha.
I wasn’t suspended or hanging, I was just falling. I couldn’t feel anything around me, I wasn’t touching anything. I was just falling. Not like whoops-I-tripped-and-fell-on-my-face, because I couldn’t feel the ground, not like swimming, because I wasn’t in control of where I was heading. It was really, really, REALLY fun.
Strongly recommend it to you all (and all my friends, if they weren’t afraid of heights, which most of them seem to be).


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