As Useful As…

You’re about as useful as the ‘h’ in ‘chemistry’
The extra ‘e’ in ‘bee’
The ‘c’ or ‘k’ in ‘mock’
The extra ‘r’ in ‘carry’

You’re about as reasonable as the pronunciations
Of ‘dive’ and ‘live’
Of ‘near’ and ‘bear’
Of ‘most’ and ‘lost’

You’re about as logical as the words ‘Styx’ and ‘sticks’
As ‘lyre’ and ‘liar’
As ‘read’ and ‘red’
As ‘knead’ and ‘kneed’

But sometimes- just sometimes- you’re as important as
The placing of ‘r’ that differs ‘there’ from ‘three’
The ‘u’ and ‘i’ that differs ‘ingenious’ and ‘ingenuous’
The extra ‘o’ that differs ‘lose’ and ‘loose’

Maybe you’re not that useless after all

  I had so much fun writing this poem and finding illogical words in the English vocabulary. :D I think I could’ve written a lot more of those examples, but I like stanzas with four lines (with the exception of the last line). :)



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