Small Stone 22-05-13

knead, pull, push, press
pinch, roll, shape, squish
toss, place, set, lay
fix, sort, shove, close
wait, ring, poke, cool

There was a heavy rainstorm today so I pretty much stayed in the whole day. I ended up baking cookies at night, like my friend suggested me to. I guess you could say I had a fun time kneading the dough. I tried using my knuckles this time, so they’re pinkish red now. It doesn’t hurt, but hey, it’s good experience. The cookies turned out great. I think it’d go well with cold, frothy milk, but I only had cold milk at home, so I washed down a small cookie, fresh from the oven, down with milk. Hehe. :)

Um I’m not sure if anyone got this poem, but I’d say it’s pretty simple. … The third line’s about putting the cookies on the tray and the fourth is making the final touches before putting it into the oven, and the fifth is the baking and cooling process. I’m sorry but I don’t have pictures of the cookies I baked because I don’t tend to take pictures of every single thing I do.




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