Small Stone 08-05-13

This is the second small stone (I still like the word ‘pebble’ better) I’ve posted up here, but this is the ninth one I’ve done. :) I started in May (because I actually remembered something about writing a little bit every day on the first, and decided to do it) and I’m still doing it now! My friend read through it (not that I let her, but I didn’t not let her either. We were just sorta on my computer looking through my things and I didn’t mind her reading it. She said they were good. So. I’m proud of my writing.)

A badminton game

A swish of the racket
A small flicking motion
A point gained
A shuttlecock sent flying too high
A gleeful smash back
A point lost
A pair working harmoniously
An audience cheering them on
A game won


  My friend and I played doubles against another pair from another class and we were pretty sure we’d lose, but hey, we (unexpectedly) won! :) (Congratulations to us)

Also, today’s funny incident: this humorist came over and gave a talk, and he asked if there were any people creating their own stories- e.g. filmmaking, writing, writing music, stopmotion etc.When he got to writing, my best friend and a few of my other friends just turned around and stared at me as if expecting me to raise my hand. (Well, I didn’t have to because everyone else knew.) And so my best friend (who also writes) and I had this long distance quick chat about why she didn’t raise her hand either, and why I didn’t raise my hand. I like my best friend a lot.

It was a nice feeling, being known by my peers as someone who writes. (Though I don’t even know how they knew, because I only shared with about four people. But still.)



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