Ice Cream?

Here’s a short poem I worked hard to write out. :) All the rhyming words were hard to think of. :/

“I’m gonna go get ice cream,”
she said, walking off to the shop.
What ice cream?
A cone? A scoop? A fruit pop?

What kind?
Sundae? Sorbet? Gelato?
What flavour?
Lemon? Raspberry? Pistachio?

What colour?
Chartreuse? Cornflower? Lavender?
What toppings?
Sprinkles? Syrup? A wafer?

Why was that so abrupt?
Does she think I hate her?
Will she get anything for me?
Well, I’ll probably find out later.



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❄︎ chloe ❄︎

write before you forget

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