The Sky’s Your Limit

I’m sick of people misusing this phrase. The internet is full of stupid people who use this phrase and misinterpret it. Like, just Google it before you actually use it. How hard is that?! Save yourself some scolding and gain some insight, just freaking Google it.

I’ve seen a lot of people use it wrongly. Once, on 9gag, this guy made this post saying he wanted to be an astronomer when he was in kindergarten, and the teacher said, ‘The sky’s your limit.”, and he was sad. Well, I applaud your teacher for telling you that, because obviously s/he knows how to use it and you’re just a dumbass who never bothered to search for what it means and assumed you were right. Anyway, isn’t the sky infinite? So doesn’t it actually mean there is no limit?! I’m sorry, but how much dumber can people get?! Why were they even given the chance to live?!? (I probably don’t mean it, but this is just to emphasise how much I hate people who do that.) Maybe it’s just me, because I know how to use this and it just pisses me off to see people using it without knowing the meaning. I try to avoid using words I don’t know, and I’ll only use it confidently after I’m sure I’ve gotten hang of the meaning. (Unlike some people I know.) I hope I don’t catch myself using words I don’t know and end up embarrassing myself.

I also found another perfect example. Well, I don’t know how you’ll interpret it. Okay. Justin Bieber’s song, As Long As You Love Me. Yes, I listened to it. Go to the rap bit: “Used to tell me, “Sky’s the limit”, now the sky’s our point of viewHere, I get the impression that he thinks the sky is literally the highest thing you can aim for, and he’s reached that. So I’m like, what. I think he used it incorrectly. I’m not sure, though. I just think.

Now, I’d like to explain to everyone what this phrase- yeah, the same phrase that got me into a flying rage about how people use it incorrectly. You know, the title of the post?- actually means. It means there is no limit. Cause the sky isn’t this huge chunk of physical thing you can touch and block your way. At least, I think so, according to the knowledge of science I have. So yes, the sky isn’t this physical thing that can block you, it’s infinite, so technically the phrase ‘the sky’s your limit’ means there is no limit. According to some website, it’s “There is no apparent limit”. Close enough, yeah?

But who even came up with this easily misunderstood phrase?!



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