Storing Names Like Nuts

I have Twitter. Two accounts, one for the public, stupid, crazy, random tweets, and the other for more emotional, funny, private thoughts. On the latter one, I started writing down (with the hashtag) you-know-you’re-a-writer-when. Here are a few (coughtheonlyonesIactuallyhavecough) of them!

– You know you’re a writer when you want people to read what you write and compliment you, but when they do, you’re embarrassed

– You know you’re a writer when you read a beautiful book and think you can never write a story as good as that

– You know you’re a writer when you have mini debates with yourself over how the story should go and what should happen next

– You know you’re a writer when you have mini dilemmas over choosing a perfect name for your character

Let’s touch up on the last one, shall we? :) (Refer to the title!) Recently, I started using a spreadsheet to record down the title, date written, genre, type (for only me to know and you to wonder about), tense, and names. When I actually got down to writing, I suddenly realised I had to find a perfect name for the character, but alas, I couldn’t. (I also couldn’t repeat a name I had already used before, because it’s more fun that way) So I started taking notice of peoples’ names. I tried to avoid using the names of people I knew, so when I finally published the story (big dream, I know. Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. – W. Clement Stone.), I wouldn’t be badgered by them saying ‘Why the hell did you use my name? Do you really think of me like that? I’m so honoured! Do you like me or something?’

Which lead to me thinking I should ‘store’ names in my mind like squirrels store nuts! (I recently started asking random people if they liked nuts, e.g, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts… This is all the nuts I can list right now. I don’t really know nuts because I don’t like eating them that much. Oh, and almonds! So if the person said yes, I’d go like, ‘You’re a wall.’ (Walnuts, get it?) or ‘You’re a pea.’ or ‘You’re a hazel.’. They don’t make sense, but hey, life doesn’t make sense.

If life is so illogical, why do we need logic? Think about it. :)



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