Double Meanings

I love appreciate think writers who can worship writers who can do double meanings. (See what I just did there.) Isn’t it really hard to be able to write something and for it to mean two things? It’s like choices and choosing the wrong one could just get you nowhere. Maybe it’s just me, because I’m just a beginner, but I think it’d be hard.

Firstly, just getting something to write about and being able to take it two ways would be hard. It’s not really like a metaphor, though. A metaphor is taking something else to represent something. (I’m really bad at explaining things.) What I think I’m trying to say is that hiding another meaning in a sentence. Like… “The curtains are blue.” It could mean the writer is depressed, because of the ‘blue’. Or, it could mean that the curtains are freaking blue and the author used blue curtains because she thinks the colour blue is calming.

Two days ago, I wrote about Polkadogs (I’m aware this isn’t a real word) and ended the short story quite weirdly, and I think only a handful of people (I haven’t taken it into fact that only a handful of people will be reading) will get the double meaning. Actually, if you don’t get the second meaning, there won’t be an actual meaning to the story, unless you take it at face value and consider the things that happened an actual story. I think I’m confusing you guys.

On another note, thank you to Jodette P (but damnit, what is her last name?) for nominating me for The One Lovely Blog Award! :)



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One thought on “Double Meanings”

  1. This one lovely blog couldn’t possibly deserve less than the “One Lovely Blog Award”. See what I did there? :)
    But being frank, I thoroughly enjoy your writings and profound thoughts. Hoping you will participate!

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