So, like all writers, recently, l’ve been both procrastinating and writing. Oh, interesting incident- you know the ice cream post below? Originally, for ‘scoops’, I wrote ‘balls’. (So it was balls of ice cream. Let me use the strikethrough option to demonstrate and poke fun at myself: balls scoops of ice cream.)

Back to the topic of the post. I’ve been writing, and I realised that I’ve been writing mostly personification since the 13th. IT’S THE START OF A NEW WRITING STYLE ERA. (Hence the title ‘Genesis’. At least, I think that’s what the word is used for.)

And on the topic of my writing… I have a list of prompts (like my friend), but I’m too lazy to work on them (like my friend). Instead, I write the new ideas out (unlike my friend). I’ll throw in a random fact about me, too. You know when people go visit other countries, they collect postcards or coins or stamps (I actually do two of them)? Well, I want to go to different parts of the world and write there, from the inspiration or the ideas I just suddenly get when I’m there. Or, I could just get out of the building and go to a cosy (I WANT TO SPELL IT AS COZY.) place with some kind of authentic cuisine (and wifi for distractions) and just pour out words.

My tweet of the day: I salute the two oranges who mated and gave birth to the mandarin. Because seriously. Mandarins are just tiny oranges.



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